Project List & links

Here you can find a List of links to projects, Organizations and initiatives that I am part of them and they are part of me.

If you have more questions you can Just drop me a line

Ka’Wa y Monti-Peru

kawaymonti logoKa’Way Monti, meaning “Tree of Life” in Quechua, is a non-profit in Peru founded with recognition ofthe need to bring humanity back into balance with nature, and the tremendous capacity for humanity to do good work.

The Democratic Education Institute-Israel


The Institute for Democratic Education (IDE) is an organization for social change that promotes creative and innovative ventures and processes, aimed at developing and bolstering a democratic culture

The Living change program-Peru

A leadership program aiming to inspire & empower youth looking to create positive change. Learn to take ownership of our lives, lead in our communities, and  how to  bring that practical knowledge home with hands on understanding of local and global sustainability.  We aim to send out more empowered, conscious, young leaders into the world for co-creating  contented  inspiring communities  and  for new social realities.”

24h social Hackathon-Israel

At 24 hours Hakathon for education and social projects. During 24h hours we will work on education and social projects.


presente! logopresenteis a global movement for building up communities of alternatives in education and social innovation.

Art Of Hosting-Israel

Why the Art of hosting in Israel right now? We believe that true and deep human conversation can help us connect, motivate us, & allow us to share our passion for change. Organizations, communities & even families will be able to adapt to future challenges when they learn to host meaningful conversation within them.

Doing really Good-Israel & Colombia

Doing Really Good-LogoA Fair trade community support Project Base in Cali, Colombia in collaboration with “Ecopazifico“.The project aims to build a reciprocity support system base on win-win-win Culture

The Army Of Healers and The Peace Guide Book-Israel & Palestine

The “Army of Healers”,  is a community/tribe of healers that offering their skills & knowledge to heal the conflict in the Middle East between Israel & Palestine.  By creating healing educational programs and workshop for youth and adults from both sides, facilitate individual & group healing and support self learning.

The “Peace Guide Book” is collection of grassroots project between Israelis & Palestine, the book focus on different peace project among the people of the two sides.

CommAgain-Israel (Hebrew website)

CA is Community for community Manager


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