When you see so…

When you see someone for whom is really is, You able to find your own uniqueness. The strength inside of you is able you heal the wounds of your past and to be the warrior of the present. Advertisements

Relearning Care

#Post originally at http://www.knowmads.nl/relearning-care/ I’m tired after a long day, my shirt smell of garlic, the skin on my hands is dry and my legs want a bit rest from this day. In this moment I stop and observe myself, I notice that there are two options for me at this moment, one is to be grumpy, to … More Relearning Care

One more year

It’s nice to have a birthday, time to Celebrate myself, family, friends and most of all to see and to Appreciate what I’m doing in life, to stop, look around, take a big breath and say YES, this is me, my life. It’s not all milk and honey But I love it, feeling the rollacoster-long process-new … More One more year