Being on a mission

It’s almost two months since I arrived back to Israel, after 3 years out in the world. Any place people ask me “Hi Dror why you came back?” and then my auto answer will be “I don’t know why & I know that this where I need to be”. Trying later to explain what I understood out … More Being on a mission

“La Confluencia”- Argentinian Entrepreneurship story’s (Part 1)

Leaving Argentina after 3 weeks feeling like going from a place of inspiration and difficulty in the same time. Although the Argentine people  living under the daily unstable economy and crossing finger hoping the pesos will not crash, struggling with price policy that changing every day and not having a clear vision for the country near future. Apparently this is … More “La Confluencia”- Argentinian Entrepreneurship story’s (Part 1)

We are all, the…

We are all, the dreamers Letting our mind fly high Creators of great vision Holding magic of possibilities Spirit of a great shaman Holding medicine in our heart Birds circling in unlimited sky Knowing where to go Collecting drops of a rain Into a lake, circle, flow,life.