About me


Dror Noy

Dror Noy holds a diploma from Knowmads Business School in Amsterdam, and is a professor of Social Business Management at the Kibbutzim College of Education in Tel-Aviv. With a passion for community-living and adventure, Dror spent the last 9 years working in the field of group dynamics and informal education working toward changing the current social paradigm

In 2009 he left his job to set off into nature, learning and experiencing the world of Permaculture & eco-community living. After a 6 month quest, he joined the social change protest movement in Israel helping to establish a Jew-Arab camp in Jaffa to bring together the social needs of both communities. This experience helped him to realize that it was time to follow his calling and left Israel. For 3 years, he traveled working in different social and environmental projects across Asia, South America & Europe; exploring Permaculture, spirituality, & positive social change.

Dror is a social entrepreneur who guides the processes of change & development in organizations & communities focusing on the topic of transformational learning, participatory leadership and collective wisdom.

In his backpack you can find: NVC, AOH, Dragon Dreaming, group dynamics, storytelling, New Media tool-kit, O.D.T, Permaculture, OST and community management tools.

In 2013 he co-found present! An international community for young Educational Entrepreneurs.

Since 2014 he leading together with Asaf Shenhav the 24h social Hackathon movement, bringing creative Entrepreneurship and community building tools into Organizations. Celebrating creative energy and design process for change that matter.

Dror Is part of the Democratic education Institute, where he developed a creative and innovative social change tool and method.


3 thoughts on “About me

  1. דרורי יקירי
    מצאתי שעה שקטה של בוקר כדי להתרכז ולבלוע עד תומו את תוכן האתר.
    האמת, הממת אותי , גיליתי אותך מחדש ואני מאושר שטוב לך , מעניין לך , ואתה מוצא את הכיוון.
    ומבחינה משפחתית – סוף סוף יש לנו רון בן ישי משלנו.
    שרק יהיה לך טוב,ושתקום כל בוקר רק למה שאתה אוהב. לאחרים זה לוקח 50-60 שנה כדי להבין.

    אהבה ונשיקות. דוד יוסי

  2. דרור

    לא הספקנו לקרוא את הכל, אך ממה שקראנו רואים ואפילו “שומעים” שטוב לך,אתה מגלה עולם חדש
    מתפתח ומפתח, והכל מתוך שמחה.
    תמשיך להנות.
    שרה וחיים

  3. Dear Dror
    Continuing our solar-kitchen-roof discution
    after reading this blog
    your field of action is clear to me
    you are an artist and a writer
    wish you all the best

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