Announce: Crafting Leaders for the Emerging Future. Leadership & community building program in

So happy to announce the kickoff of the living-change program this summer Aug 1st-15th in Peru!

In the last 8 months me Julia and Chris work tighter to create 15 unforgettable days, celebrating: leadership, youth, community building, permaculture, learning by doing, entrepreneurship and the warriors inside of us.

We aim to inspire & empower youth looking to create positive change, that want to Learn take ownership of their lives and  to bring that practical knowledge home with hands on understanding of local and global sustainability.  

For myself this is a very important moment in life, where I feel I can bring the knowledge I gain around the world and in my own path into intensive
15 day program and support the development of young Changemakers.

The program will take place at Peruvian Andes next to the city of Huaraz, in one of the most beautiful places I visit around the world.

It’s a big dream that comes to life and now need your support, and hear

How you can help us:

30 second: share this post on your wall and tags some friend then maybewill take it forward

2 min: think about 1 person you care about and can be Potential for this
course and send him the website link:

5 min: Go on the website and give us a feedforward on how you think we can do it better, what is working well or still need to be added

10 min: write us an email, share your ideas about Organizations, people
and network and can partner with us in sending the information about the course

You can always visit us on the Facebook page and of course the website

Thanks for your care and love,



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