Unfolding conversions that matters| AoH training in Israel

The story and role of AoH in my life

In the recent years I have worked in the field of developing communities around the world. It was an endless journey in search of tools and ideas that can make the process of construction and reconstruction of the local community in which everyone’s voice can be expressed. This is a difficult and complex challenge in Western culture, and how much more when it comes to culture as India or South Andean Peru. All along my question to myself was: how to allow everyone’s voice to be expressed – in circle, a community, group, tribe and family – an expression that allows room for action, taking responsibility and shared leadership on a personal and community space, as the basis for creating a new shared reality.

On my personal journey for finding my unique voice, a journey that still continues, I am happy to take part in the production team of a Workshop AOH will be held in Israel in September, and to my knowledge in the field of methodological change and learn myself from the process how to generate and allow more processes to evolve precisely in the most important to me, education in Israel!

I believe that it is time to create a new container  for conversation in the Israeli society. The change taking place where people, ideas and opinions going to transform and become human. This is where I want to be in the coming years: to allow these processes to grow along with them.

3 day workshop invite


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