24h Hackathon|Emerging of community


The story I would like to share with you is close to magic, it’s been discovering what unfold in just 24 hours of human gathering. It’s also a story of transformation and shift in individual, community and organization. It’s showing us what can happen if we let our dream and passion for free suppurating each other and holding the space for the process to emerge by using new and old tool for co-creation of new social realities.

14 different projects around the field of transformation in the education in Israel were presented during the Hackathon In Israel in partnership with HIT, Hollon Technology Institution.
It’s been the moment after 3 hours from the start when you could feel the transformation start feeling the energy of 40 participants in a room that was originally an old Tv studio and with the help of team of artist become learning space for the project and community to emerge and to let the group and individually to develop their project using the knowledge and wisdom of the collective.

During the Hackathon we learn how much a support community is important to allow Micro project to be developed and how much the sharing of the challenge in the community is helping to create innovative solutions.

Our second learning is the importance of the jelly fish movement in self organizing process, it’s basically mean to come together every 2 hours, to make Check-up: harvest the work so far and create the next step, we do it, so the focus will be part of our process and to share with the community our progress, inspire them and create success stories to keep the flow of the work.

Our third learning and observation was in the process of the community building, in the few hours we become a from individual to a group and in the end the feeling of community was in the room, we all know this is only the first step of this process in Israel, and at the same time the need for more Hackathon spaces in getting bigger together with the understanding that when we create time and space to allow self-expression the magic is happening!


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