Being on a mission

It's take CourageIt’s almost two months since I arrived back to Israel, after 3 years out in the world. Any place people ask me “Hi Dror why you came back?” and then my auto answer will be “I don’t know why & I know that this where I need to be”. Trying later to explain what I understood out there in the south Spain hills back in last November, acknowledge that the place where I burn in the place where my skills is most needed and the one that can offer the time and space to unfold them for now. Of-course, all this deep understanding and the feeling of being on a mission is giving lots of energy and motivations and in the same time the reality I meet in  everyday life is not always fit or match into the mission. So here come a gap, the one that I will try to share with the world: I learn that being on a mission is also meeting my demons and shadow side, noticing when I losing my faith and how doubts start to come running in my mind like small flies. Or observing how fast I see the negative and forgetting all the amazing stuff that I’m doing and capable to create or the inspiring people next to me and the abundance of resources available for me. In this gap  i‘m trying to talk about the there is a small space- a blind spot that we missing to be able to grow and this why even that I know all this I also need to honor the time of the shadow. This is where my deepest learning happening and where mistakes and failures becoming my teacher. This is my way of developing my consciousness and become aware of my own patterns and behavior, only then I can transform them to become a creator of my own reality. No doubts that all is written here sound and look super amazing on the screen, I know well to explain the concept and see the process happening in front my eyes, in my mind and still I’m keeping being in this circle and each time healing another piece of my shadow. It’s a gap,  a mission and it’s kind of what I‘m trying to call the circle of  learning when every experience is there for a reason to teach us something new and to make us grow and develop into new consciousness by understanding and reflecting on each experience and see them as a whole- the circle of learning.


One thought on “Being on a mission

  1. No, not easy. And it’s good to read you and to read your path and struggle. Thank you, it gives me energy and reminds me of the faith that is easy to lose.

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