“La Confluencia”- Argentinian Entrepreneurship story’s (Part 1)

Leaving Argentina after 3 weeks feeling like going from a place of inspiration and difficulty in the same time. Although the Argentine people  living under the daily unstable economy and crossing finger hoping the pesos will not crash, struggling with price policy that changing every day and not having a clear vision for the country near future. Apparently this is not stopping them from keeping doing and creating there life reality and showing high Entrepreneurs skills and vision.

Right Before I left Patagonia back to Cordova we stay the night at Mark & Eleanor life project “La Confluencia” a sustainable lodge located above “Rio Azul” next to El Bolson.  In 20 years of work the two (together with many volunteers, friends & family)   develop an animal farm; with cows, sheep, horses and chickens. Next to the farm there is a very productive Bio-intensive vegetable garden and medicinal plants, garden where Eleanor gave us a deep tour around, sharing the story of how all this start and telling about the struggle of making your dream come true, especially as a foreign (both are from the states). Since Mark was busy Gostave (the project manager) show us around, explain how the hydroelectric turbine (manufacture electricity & hot water for the all farms) is working, showing the barn and how the animal’s food rotation system working in the field and of course touring the new beautiful lodge building.

“La Confluencia” is defiantly showing the power of a strong vision and belief in your mission, and at the same time asking the question of how much resource you willing to put to make it happen? How the fact that foreign people keep buying land affecting the traditional culture and status quoin in the region?

Is it  for sure a meeting point (Confluencia) of two cultures and approach, still I’m not sure where this relationship will develop.


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