Magic of El-Boson, Patgonia.

My trip to Patagonia Bring to my life lot’s of magic, inspire and empower the importance of sharing our stories with each other and the community. Yesterday we visited a local Bio-intensive education project next to El-Bolson having a tour of the farm and talking about how the new-world can include the old and create resilience projects, how to include and not to exclude.
If you around and want to come visit, this is the website:

After Great Ampandas lunch we continue to find one more project deep in the forest, and then instead of finding a project we start following the magic and found a small community of circus people called:”barco sin capitán” the project manage by four young women that taking care of the land, people & energy and holding the space for creativity, dreams and learning to unfold. They welcome travelers to come and be part of the project, put a tent and play together. (You can find the map to their place in the photos)

Enjoy the photos of both projects, for more info you can send me an email to:



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