Walking slow walking together.

I feel I stepped into a new realization of myself, the road is more clear and things starting to fall into the right place at the right time, more often or almost every day I see how things coming together in the big puzzle to create my life the way I want to live them.

I realize that I’m the only one that can walk my path and so on I’m the only one that completely understand what I’m doing or some time just trying to understand and it’s also ok for me.

Doing this makes me feel peaceful and one with my call & role on this ground. Day by day I’m fighting together with my brother and sister. We are bringing and creating light, kicking away the darkness. By doing this we unfold our own personal story’s and inspiring each other.

Sometime I see my brother and sister a bit tired after a long fight or feeling confused when they stuck in their mind, I learn that also the great warriors have doubts, fears and confusion thus are sneaking under the door of the temple of light. When this happens we the warriors knows that only one  thing can make the difference and send away the doubts, fears and confusion. We are learning that by bringing love to our self, embracing the darkness and starting to prepare the celebration party, deep in the heart we inviting the magical creatures we loves to be around them. Then we eat the most delicious food we can ever taste, after we sit around the fire telling each other story of our last adventures, listening with our hearts open. Later when we feel a bit full of story we know that is the time to start sing-song about a dragon full of love and a princess with sweet tears. Slowly the singing become louder, then we are starting to dance to the sound of the drum.

Bit and more bit the trance is starting, feeling the small heart vibration of joy, light color starting to fill the air. Body touching body releasing the sweet smell of trust and courage. We are dancing into the night knowing the hard time will come, and we will be ready. We Walking slow walking together.


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