Relearning Care

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I’m tired after a long day, my shirt smell of garlic, the skin on my hands is dry and my legs want a bit rest from this day. In this moment I stop and observe myself, I notice that there are two options for me at this moment, one is to be grumpy, to be angry to start blaming the “other” the one that “never” do. The second option was much more challenging,  all most like when someone turning the light on in the middle of the night when I’m sleeping. Later on I realize this sensation that I experienced call care. From this moment  things change, I start smiling, feeling love in all my body, I was full of care and love for the corner beyond the dishwasher, I was care for the lonely Post-it on the floor and even the last piece of toilet paper was able to make my cry. From this moment I know that my time in knowmads will be different forever.


In knowmads we are relearning what we all know and feel inside of us, we are relearning to see the other person, to find care in our self, to bring care to our tribal member and the council and yes even the lonely yellow Post-it. It’s not always easy “to walk your talk” to be inline to your value.  It’s easy to talk then to do, but what to do? We have to do! If I want to create a change in my community I need first to bring care, if I want to make friend trust me I first need to be bring care, if I want people to be cared in need to take care.


In knowmads I am relearning to take care!



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