“knowmadic” learning in 5 month

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Sometimes you need to go out to be able to go back deeper” this what I feel in the last few days coming back from 3 weeks traveling out of “knowmads”, observing on my last 5 months in Amsterdam being part of the growing community of “Changemakers”, activist, believers and nomadic people And still is hard to explain what is knowmads. I’m trying to tell others what it is just because I want them to know WTF I’m doing. I’m understating in my own way that if there is no test! No class! No teacher! And no clear plan, All this can be very scary, bring lots of fear inside of us or even make us lose control and yes probably this what will happen for some people and then in thous moment you find the biggest learning in your life. For me it was the same and I still learned so much in the last 5 months.

*So what do I learn (still I feel the need to put this in words also for other people that wander around the globe will find a common language between themselves)

  • Leadership is not about telling people what they should do, is about holding space allowing them to unfold.

 Or if to say it more clear as more as I am trying to control on the result that I want the less people want to be part of it, of course if I paying them they will do what I want and I already know that no one like to work or be in this situation sure that it will be harder to unfold  a person that not like/love what he doing. I like to be part, to work together to feel that I enjoy my work and bringing something new to this world. I feel grace when the I become part of us!

  • Hierarchy is needed when there is fear or what need  to create trust

 In the army they teach me that order is an order even if I don’t like that or if I think differently. I offend findmyself doing in the end what I want and to curse getting lots of shit about that. Still today I believe in the same things. You need to do what you feel is right for you with no fear of what will happen, people say and failures . Fear is controlling me blocking me being myself. I don’t need Hierarchy or rules, I need to listen to the others to observe and see each one needs & pain, to open my heart offering empathy and compassion for oneself.

  • I have a different true then you and each one of us is beautiful and still subjective

 Me is me and you is you, this very simple to understand right!? So why we not willing to accept that we have different beliefs, idea, life prospective? Why is so hard for us to see that my dear and deep value is mine not my friends or coworkers?, why we keep to waste so much energy to convince each other what is wrong or right/good or bad?. I found this super exhausting, instead I need to continue doing, make my value happen and to be the change I want to be.

  • My drive (passion) is not the other drive OR my needs belongs to me

 Around once in two weeks I’m feeling like the divine land in my and I have a new usually crazy idea of what to do with Life, from this point I found that the way to become lonely is a short one. Again and again I failed to bring my idea to life or founding my self alone realize that my motivation is not the other, so I learn that if I’m real passion about my idea or attached to them beaches they are mine it’s a very fast way to lose the other people intention or participation.

  • To create a place of love and care I need first to address my fears and personal pain and to acknowledge that this is what blocking me to be myself my nature.

 I love when I feel safe, knowing that the people around will support me and will take care of me when I needed, also I learn that when I allow myself to open up and take care of others I immediately feel much safer and ready to unfold myself, unpack my fears and emotion and by bringing awareness to this process I’m developing my consciousness and able to step over my fears and being present.

#Almost the end of this post…

  • What I “want” is not what I “need”- to define my needs I need to bring honesty and listen to my heart, be doing this I allow others to unfold around me.

 Maybe this is my biggest practice in the last few months, how to recognize what I need and what I want? Or first to be aware that thous to different things. I notice that the “want” situation is coming from the mind it can be a desire, expectation, attachment, fear & more. And the “need” source is in the heart it’s what will help me to grow, learn, open-up, bring the challenge but in the end of the process I will see how it’s helped me to develop myself. I found out that for me the process of recognizing my need have a direct link to honesty, when I communicate in an honest way, saying what I feel to myself or to someone else I’m already doing 70% of the process to find my need the rest 30% is “just” listen to my heart and to see what come out.

 #For more about me you can Email to dror@knowmads.nl or visit my blog: www.drornoy.com


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