One more year

Me TooIt’s nice to have a birthday, time to Celebrate myself, family, friends and most of all to see and to Appreciate what I’m doing in life, to stop, look around, take a big breath and say YES, this is me, my life. It’s not all milk and honey But I love it, feeling the rollacoster-long process-new consciousness a luminescent every day, small moment becomes the             Biggest adventures of my ordinary day.

I feel a need to share all this abundance with my community. My dear global community I decide to give myself and to you a quick brief about what I did in the last year. Enjoy.

Brazil- I do not really remember what Happened that I found myself in Brazil but I remember the moment During weekend of vipasa in a quite kibbutz  when I saw  that the only way for me is too follow after my heart and my freedom(or be the love & the freedom), and this what I did 2 weeks later I was deep in the Brazilian Amazon, join the movement Against the 3Rd Biggest dams in the world  “Belo Monte” Supporting my friends, learning to communicate with no language & most of all feeling and connecting to the pain of the river and the community around him. I was lucky to work with the people of xingu vivo para sempre all local Ngo that leading to camping against the dam together with the local communities.

Peru- after 2 months in the Amazon I got call from my heart telling me to go back to the road main direction was in Peru!. Struggling with This decision I found myself staring new adventure heading to Peru/Brazil/Columbia border, in 10 day trip I crossed the Amazon River on a boat, sleeping in a hammock, celebrating the sunrise & sunset every day with the beautiful landscape of the amazon learn to enjoy the cycle of the day in the heart of the Amazon.

Finally I found  my way to the City of Iquitos in Peru, and from there I learn a big lesson about honesty and true love, after being sick for 4 days in The middle of a small town in high Jungle mountain, learning again who Am I in one of the painful lessons of life, when your love leaves  you alone and you need to find the way for yourself again to your true self .

Then after a month of struggling with myself including two breakdown I was ready to Walk again on my path and open my heart to new community, nature, and Mother Ayahuasca . I was so lucky when the people of the way inn offer to host my in their lodge, giving my all they have and in In return I gave them all I know. Working together with the medicine Ayahuasca, connecting with local farmer and family, doing interviews and develop Sustainable practice in the lodge was one of the great experience I had in the last years, learning so much about myself, the universe, stop Seeing myself as middle of this world and staring to look at myself As a part of the universe, letting mother earth to teach me, father sky to protect my and grandmother moon to guide me into the world of Magic and trust. Times when you feel your true being, nourishing my spirit with more knowledge about myself and Nature.

Amsterdam- then in one moment after Lunch when I walk in the hills next to the lodge, the sun in the middle of the sky, the field is yellow and the granite boulders are  lying in Between, calling me to climb and sit on them there I look at the view of The Andeans, whisper a prayer the spirit that gives the great opportunity to feel So close to oneself. At this moment  I knew that the adventures just start and I need to go to a place that will help to manifested myself and to Connect to more people, network and community understanding that the The healing of this world is a process of co-create new social realities or More simple connect people to each other and at the same time with them Self.

Since Feburay I’m  part of knowmads School, here in Amsterdam, happy to walk every day next to inspiring  group of people, and sharing with them my story, together we are making the change happen inside of each of us supporting  and holding the space for more to come.

I can wait to see what the next year will bring me,  trusting it will be what it’s need to Be.

Check in.



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