Tears of plastic

OImagek! I have a feeling that I need to open this post with an update about myself; I moved to Amsterdam few weeks ago and yet I’m not going to write about that too much, I even think that is not much interesting to hear about my new school here or the fact that I’m still looking for an apartment or about the fucking cold weather outside.

Instead I want to share the hardest experience I having with this new environment or more correct the human deigns that we all know as the City. Before I start talking about the city, let me just say that in the last 2 years I spent most of my time in; Katmandu most poverty neighborhoods, community in the south of India, the Brazilian Amazonas and Peru Andean mountain. So you can see I been around, I try many places and face with a lot of challenges, in Nepal it’s was the first time I saw how good or bad education can determine fate of children, in India I found how big can be the different between rich and poor or how people can still be happy even if they don’t own any material beside the cloth that on their body, in Brazil I discover how fast money can destroy a culture of thousands of year in the name of progress and efficiency and in Peru & Bolivia I learn how deep the indigenous people connect to their land and to Pachamama.

So yes I have been around and I learn a lot, the fact is that I’m still learning, trying  to see what happens around me, feel the people, see their culture, the everyday life and  the routine that arising from this state of being.

But then suddenly, something changes; from being the observer I feel that I’m becoming one of them, another one in the system. Another person that going to the supermarket to buy is food, another one that don’t really know where is food coming from, another one that buying  more stuff that he don’t need, putting them in a plastic bag and suddenly notice that I’m starting to cry, ok maybe not heavy tears but more tears inside of me, and a strong voice that telling me go out, leave your stuff and just run away to a world of truth abundance a place where people and nature can live together in balance and harmony because we are part of this system Not above or below not behind or in front we are a part.

Walking back to my room, smell bad, a chair, my unpacked bag, some clothes on the flower, leftover of dry fruit from the last visit in Israel and a white window watching to the Tram station. 


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